Troublesome client

My team and I are working with HunQRy which is a startup. Initially I thought there r graduates but found out that they r just students. I always have the bad thought of working with business student that doesnt know a thing about the tech. They wouldn’t appreciate or understand that amount of effort we need to develop the application.

Firstly they wanted to develop a dine in expedience with QR scanner so everyone can  view n order food from menu from their own phone instead of single ipad. Then they suddenly think that the singapore market is not ready for QR scanner n wanted to change to a take away experience instead. Since we already finish developing the feature, we told them the take away could be an add on instead. So after finish implementing the takeaway they suggested that they want to pivot the app to specialized more coffee customization. After a long discussion, we decided that was too much of a change from the original direction and rejected their idea and proceed with just dine in n take away for general restaurants.

This shows that they are really indecisive and lack of experience to set a clear direction in their startup. I really think that student startup are not suitable to be cs3216 client as we r working for them for free and they are just using us to try stuff out.


Material UI Beta

I have learn a very important lesson by using Material UI Beta, never use a beta version. Well when i started working on the project, my teammate already installed n used material UI beta version on 3 pages. So i decided to just use the beta version instead of the stable version. Initially I was though beta version should be fine as long as there is the api document but i was wrong. Whenever there is an issue that I am struggling, I cant find any solution or references online to solve my problem because the beta version made an overhaul of the API. I dont know why my teammate want to use the beta version instead of the stable one, but I will never touch a beta version again, ever.

final assignment progress

I was tasked to handle the front end using react. However, I was doing backend for assignment 1 and 2, so I had to learn everything from scratch as soon as possible so I can start working on the project.

Meeting with hunQRy client

Last week my cs3216 met our client HunQry which is a startup that want to make a restaurant app with QR code scanner so everyone can use their phone to order instead of just 1 IPAD. Apparently they are just student like us that are still studying in NUS so they are relying on getting a grant to pay us. However they look like nice persons so I cant wait to work with them!

Done with assignment 3!

Just submitted assignment 3 yesterday and I was so exhausted that i slept for 12 hours! There were a few problems that keep causing us issue like the google map geolocation quota. Our front end will keep find all the events within the user radius, so every event will result in 1 call to the google distance matrix API. Futhurmore, the front end will keep refreshing the page, thus calling the api a few times. This has causes us to keep hitting the google distance matrix api limit easily, I had to create 3 google account to get 3 key to swap them out when 1 of them hit the limit. Finally we found a better solution which is to calculate the distance ourself! We looked for the formula to calculate the distance with latitude and longitude and it works perfectly!

Assignment 1 marks are out!

My team got 64 marks with is around the mean of the class. Honestly I was quite satisfied  with the marks as this is my first time doing web development. I spent a lot of time to learn the backend stuff like nodejs n sequelize but I find it very satifying to be able to launch a product out in the world for others to use. I also noticed that the report itself is more important than the product that is being developed and we should have spent more time on it.

Internal Pitching

Out of all the pitches, the 1 I found most interested is the HunQry. For a restaurant to implement a menu on ipad they need to hire a team to develop the app that would cost sum of money, so what if there is an app that can make that? It solves the problem and it is a very interesting product to work on. The prodcut owner also looks quite supportive! I hope that I can find a team to work on it.